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Pizza sandwiches pressed in a cast iron skillet

Pizza sandwiches pressed in a cast iron skillet

This dish, popular in certain parts of the country and referred to as mountain pies, combines the most significant aspects of a panini, grilled cheese, and pizza into a single flavorful and crunchy sandwich. The exterior is buttered and coated with garlic powder and dried oregano, bringing to mind any pizza restaurant in New York City. At the same time, the interior is stuffed with pizza sauce, mozzarella, and little pepperoni, guaranteeing that every bite will be delicious. In addition, the outside is pressed so that it is equally crisp and golden brown, much like a panini. When you take a bite out of it, a steaming cheese pull is waiting for you.

The first time I prepared these sandwiches with my family, we used a pie iron and cooked them over an open fire. An enclosed cast iron pan, also known as a cooking iron, a sandwich toaster, and a camp burner, is used to make anything deliciously golden brown and crisp, often when camping. It goes by a few other names online. A circular variety is also available, but the square one would work best for this recipe. You are not limited to only making crisp pizza sandwiches; you can also create quesadillas, biscuits, and pies.

You may prepare this dish at home, even if you do not have convenient access to open fire, by using an extra pan to push down on the sandwich while cooking. The end product will be somewhat different, but you can still enjoy a warm, gooey sandwich inside. This recipe, like most others, may be modified easily to include the toppings you like most on pizza. Pineapple? Mushrooms? Sausage? All fair game.


  • One and a half teaspoons of butter that is unsalted at room temperature
  • Four pieces of white bread are sliced for sandwiches.
  • 12 a teaspoon of oregano, dried
  • 1/2 milligram of the garlic powder
  • Six tablespoons of pizza or marinara sauce
  • 1/2 cup of shredded mozzarella cheese with a low moisture content
  • 18 small or 12 standard pepperoni slices
  • A half of a teaspoon of crushed red pepper (optional).


  1. A work area should have four pieces of white sandwich bread placed on it. On each slice of bread, apply one and a half teaspoons of unsalted butter. A half teaspoon of dried oregano and half of garlic powder should be sprinkled on top.
  2. After turning the slices over, add six tablespoons of pizza sauce. On top of two of the bread pieces, distribute a half cup’s worth of shredded mozzarella cheese, and then arrange either 18 tiny or 12 standard pepperoni slices on top. If you want things spicy, sprinkle a half teaspoon of crushed red pepper over the pepperoni. Put the remaining two bread pieces, with the sauce side down, on top of the sandwiches to close them.
  3. Cooking in a pan on top of the stove is Option 1. Heat a large skillet over medium heat. Add the sandwiches, and then use a cast iron skillet or another heavy-bottomed pot or pan to press the sandwiches by placing them on top. Cook for about 2 minutes or until the meat is golden brown. Remove the lid and turn over the sandwiches. After placing the second pan on top of the sandwiches, continue cooking for approximately 2 minutes or until the second side is golden brown.
  4. Cooking in a pie iron is the second option. First, to bake a sandwich in a pie iron made of cast iron, open it up. Pull it over the sandwich, close it, and secure it with the latch.
  5. Put the iron so that it rests on top of the embers of the fire. The bottom should take around 2 to 3 minutes to get golden brown. After turning the iron over, cook for a further two minutes or until the second side is golden brown. Remove from the heat, set on a surface resistant to heat, and allow to cool for three to five minutes while the lid is still in place. Even when it has cooled down, the iron will still be scorching, so exercise extra caution.
  6. Unlatch the square cast iron pan and place the sandwich on a dish after doing so carefully. Cook the remaining sandwiches in the same manner.
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